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Embark on a spiritual journey

with AI

“Twilight" is an application in which AI will consider the meaning of a tarot card you have chosen and provide you with wonderful inspirations for your daily life.

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The AI will interpret the complicated meaning of your tarot card and give you an
encouraging message.


All you have to do is
calm your mind and tap

The app is super easy to operate - just tap on what you want to know! There is no need to think of or input questions yourself.


The tarot cards are also generated by AI

The tarot cards have also been generated by AI in accordance with their traditional meanings.


Other Features

Reading Options



In addition to your “Daily Fortune,” which can be read every day,  and your "Monthly Fortune,” you can read specific fortunes for categories like “love” or "interpersonal relationships.” Individual fortune telling is also available, and more options will become available in the future.



Have Your Fortune
Told Your Way


For readings such as the “Daily Fortune,” you can customize the number of cards and whether the cards are in positive or reverse position.

Learn How To
Interpret The Cards



You can view all the card illustrations along with an explanation for each card in the “Deck” section. Even tarot card beginners can easily learn the meanings of the cards!

Read Past Readings



The results of your previous readings are saved in the “History” section, so you can look back on past readings whenever you like.

Share Your Reading Results



You can share the cards you drew and their placement on social networking sites by clicking the "Share" button on the reading results.

Support For 8 Languages


“Twilight” is available in Japanese, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian, so you can enjoy your reading results in the language you are familiar with. More languages will be added in the future.

Embark on a spiritual journey
with AI

  • This application can be downloaded for free, but are there any additional charges within the application?
    There are no additional charges. This application is completely free of charge. You will be asked to watch a few seconds of advertisement before viewing the reading results.
  • What additional features do you plan to add in the future?
    We are planning to add new fortune-telling options and tarot card designs.

Download for free now!

download link from the app store
download link from google play
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